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What is Neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is a complex tumor of the nervous system.  It typically is not diagnosed until a child is around 2 years of age.  By then, it usually is in its 4th stage, and has spread from its original site throughout the body, and often to vital organs.  Many neuroblastoms begin as a solid tumor located on the adrenal gland in the abdominal area.  There are usually no symptoms until the cancer has spread.  This type of cancer is not genetic, and no cause has been found.

Despite intensive courses of treatment, including chemotherapy , stem cell transplants and radiation, the disease often relapses, making this one of the toughest cancers to beat.  It is said that only 1 out of every 400,000 children under the age of 5 will get this disease.

We often think that only adults can get cancer. 

On April 20th 2006, we found out just how untrue that was. 

That was the day we were told that our 2 1/2 year old daughter had Neuroblastoma.